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About Us

Whether you swim for fun, exercise or on a professional basis, our extensive swimwear selection includes swimming costumes for ladies, swimsuits for girls and swimming jammers, trunks and briefs for men and boys

At ONLYswim we totally love swimming, its so unique that it can be experienced by anyone, irrelevant of age, size, height or experience. The sport extends across so many disciplines from kids swimming and keep fit to aqua rehabilitation, triathlons and competitive swimming .

The benefits of swimming are endless, providing a great way to keep in shape by using many of our muscle groups as well as providing the freedom and fun that only being in water can bring.

Once the basics are mastered swimming is open to everyone, irrelevant of age, size, height or experience and we've got something for everyone no matter your ability or budget.

Learning to swim is a great life skill and we've got all the equipment to help you learn to swim no matter what age you are, from adult swimming belts to childrens armbands we have a full and extensive range of all the latest gadgets to guide you no matter what your aim

A lot of people see swim shops as just swimwear and swimming costumes, but there's a whole world of swimming accessories to discover at ONLYswim. Don't forget swimming is supposed to be fun! Get the kids involved with our fun play toys and pool games.

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